Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adoption Resources

So maybe you are saying to yourself.........Self, I'm thinking about adopting.

Well, I'm glad you are thinking about adopting. In the world there are an estimated 147 million orphans who are without one or both parents. Those children range in age from infant to teenager and they are as close as in your own neighborhood to as far away as the other side of the world.

So while your mind is probably spinning with a million questions about adoption, here are some websites to help point you on your way to great information to consider.

  • Creating a Family is an excellent website created by Dawn Davenport who is an infertility and adoption advocate. She has compiled lots of information to help guide you on your family building journey as well as useful podcasts with experts in infertility and adoption issues.
  • Stirrup Queens is another excellent website and has a compilation of blogs written by authors experiencing infertility and other issues. If you are thinking of adopting after experiencing infertility I suggest you check out Mel's site to connect with others in the same boat or who have gone before you. There is also a mega list here of blogs from parents who are in the process of adoption or have already completed their adoptions.
  • An invaluable website and resource for those who have adopted, adoptees, as well as those looking for info on adopting. Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform discusses adoption ethics in order to create transparency and foster respect for all persons in the adoption triad.
  • Looking for an adoption agency? Make an informed choice talking to people at This Yahoo Group will allow you to private message others in the adoption process or who have completed adoptions and will give you agency specific and country specific information for international and domestic adoptions.
  • An adoption agency review website. Take all these reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes a lot of times, agencies can get on there and write their own reviews about themselves under false names. Better reviews can be found at the Yahoo Group at the link above but you can also check this out for more information.
  • There have been changes within the adoption tax refund credit. Current and updated information about the Adoption Tax Credit can be found here:

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