Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A new awesome giveaway!

What's better then moving to a nice new home?  


Well, that's what we thought anyway!  So in honor of our new Give1Save1 launch, we've lined up a whole week of presents.  

Today's giveaway is an awesome shirt and yummy Starbucks gift card (yum... pumpkin anything!)

Go make sure you subscribe to the new blog, so you don't miss any of the rest of the fun giveaways we have in store, or any of our amazing families we have coming up.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The time has come

As I posted before, there was exciting things going on in the Give1Save1 camp.  We have been working hard to streamline our application process, and needed a new website to match!

After much talk, we've decided to go back to one huge, awesome blog that celebrates adoption all over the world.

I will still be writing about domestic adoption, and the unique challenges and excitement that come with that journey, as well as introducing our domestic families.

This will be one of our last posts on this website, so please sign up so that you can continue getting updates from the Give1Save1 family.

We're having a great 'housewarming' party on the new site, so stop by every day, and visit.  We have some amazing prizes to give away and lots of new things (recipes! a gift shop!).

We're also combining our facebook pages, so make sure you 'like' the new one here!

See you over there friends!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Exciting news around here!!

Hey all! I have some exciting news to tell you! We have some big things happening at Give1Save1! Give1Save1 is merging! Way back the beginning, Give1Save1 started out as one big blog. As Give1Save1 grew, it branched out and became Give1AfricaGive1AsiaGive1EuropeGive1Caribbean, and Give1Europe. That is a lot of blogs to run by a lot of volunteers! And a lot of families! The exciting news is we are going back to one big blog!

Here is why this is fantastic: 
  • More Financial Support for Families - All the readers from all the blogs will be united, which will hopefully increase the amount of support we are able to give each week to our featured families!
  • Better Pre-Adoption Research for Families - It will help families who are just in the beginning of their adoption journey to research adoption. They can go to one blog and read about all different countries, get connected with lots of families, and hopefully, get lots of questions answered!
  • Better Quality Service for Our Readers & Simplified Work Load for Our Volunteers - Having 1 blog will be less work for our team of volunteers. We had a lot of volunteers burn out after a year or so of working with Give1Save1. We hope that by joining forces, we can lighten all of our volunteers work load, while offering a better service to the adoption community!
What you need to know: 
  • Although Give1Save1 is making some changes, we are keeping the same purpose. At our heart, we are the same Give1Save1! We will continue to support adoptive families and help them raise funds to bring their child home! By uniting to one blog, we hope to do it even better!
  • We are also combining our Facebook pages. We will be using what is currently the Africa page as our official page since it has the most likes. I suggest you go ahead and like it so you can keep up to date!
  • Give1 Save1 had a gazillion emails! Now we have 1! Our new email is giveonesaveone (at) gmail (dot) com

Q & A:

When will these changes take place and the new blog be started?

No changes for a few more weeks! I wanted to tell you ahead of time. The plans to merge have been in the works for over a month now! We are keeping all the blogs going until we are ready to roll out the new blog! Our volunteer designer is working hard to get the new blog ready! I don't have a specific date, but we hope the new blog will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

How will families be chosen to be featured?

We will choose featured families the way we always have. Families must be truly adopting to qualify to be featured (we verify this with their agency.) That being said a lot of families qualify, and not all families may be chosen. Since the beginning, we have always given priority to families who are traveling soonest. We will continue to do that. We will also try to rotate through different parts of the world. Every month, we will try to feature a family adopting from Africa, Asia, Europe, Domestic, and Caribbean.

Have more questions? Feel free to comment with them and I will try my best to answer them!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Love 127

This blog post was written by Katie, who blogs over on our Give1Save1 Asia page! Did y'all know we had an Asia page?! Well, now ya do. Everyone say "Hey Katie!" Well, she wrote this awesome write up about a super fun Etsy shop and I wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

There is this store on etsy that I love. LOVE.
Not only does the owner make and sell some of the most
amazing things, but she does it for the sake of the orphans!


      Just love 127 is a shop owned and operated by an adoptive momma. 
She is in the process of speeding back for their third adoption.
Did you catch that?
Go read their amazing journey on their blog!

Faith, hope and love flow freely from the lips of this lady.
She is walking this path with faith and praying with fervent hope
and she is full of love for a little boy that this world left behind.

Her little boy, Myles, came to her by way of a list of special needs children.
My heart soared when I read that. Children with significant special needs
hold an oh-so-dear place in my heart.

She is defying this world and claiming this boy as royalty.
Because he is. He will fill her life with glimpses of the King of Kings,
this King that calls him son.
He is royalty.

Since they found him so early this process is speeding by SO quickly.
They need to raise their funds fast ya'll. Super fast.
Hallelujah for an adoption process that gets these kids home quickly. 

I promise you if you go visit her shop you will not make it out without something in your cart.

See what I mean?

Head on over to her shop and pick something out! You'll also help by bringing an orphan home, it really is a win win ;) 

Thanks again Katie for the write up on this awesome shop! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

My Favorite Book

Have you met our Family of the Week?  Go click over and meet the Foster's and end your Friday by blessing them with $1!

When we started the adoption process, I happened to be working as a long term sub at a local school.  It was a unique school set up due to the students that were enrolled there, so there ended up being 3 programs in one big room (the old library).  One of the programs was run by an adoptive mother.  She had a beautiful little girl, and an open adoption.

The friendship we developed over those 12 weeks has stuck around.  She helped me navigate the adoption questionnaires, gave advice on our profile book, and let me chat her ear off.  She also bought a whole bunch of books for our future child.  One of them was
"God Found Us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergren. 

It is probably one of my favorite books in our home, but doesn't get read that often, simply because every time I read it aloud, I end up crying. 
Isaac has just begun to understand emotions, and thinks that if there are tears, then you're sad.  The last time I read it to him, I finished the book, and he looked at me and said, "Momma, sad?".
I smiled and gave him a hug, reassuring him that no, Momma wasn't sad, but just like Momma Fox in the book, I was the "happiest Momma in the whole world."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feature Family of the Week: The Foster's

The Fosters are a great family full of giggles and fun!  They have five children, and are excited to add more love into the mix with a new baby!  The Foster's have a great video showing the love and fun that you can find under their roof. 

They have some neat fundraisers on their blog too, go check them out at http://frogmama.blogspot.com/
As we kick summer off, lets KICK START their fundraising!  You know what to do!! Click the link below to back their adoption fund, send them $1!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Rust's- Check them out, AGAIN!

Have you checked out our feature family, the Rust's video?

Feature Family of the week: The Rust's

They are awesome people, and I know a lot of you have seen and shared their video!

We had an issue with their link to paypal (my fault sorry!) so if you wanted to donate to this awesome family, but couldn't TRY AGAIN!  Everything is fixed now!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Featured Family: The Rust's!

I'd like to introduce you to Eric and Nicole Rust as our featured family this week.  They are wanting to adopt a newborn or sibling group.  They have raised two amazing children Courtney and Mitchell, but feel like they still have so much more love to give.  They have a great story of how they were each convicted about growing their family through adoption, while they were 4,000 miles apart.

Seriously, check out this video, it will make you smile and make your heart happy! 

You can check out their blog here, http://nicolerust.wordpress.com/

The Rust's are still waiting for their match, so please share their information!
Www.Lifetime adoption.com 

Donate to this amazing family here!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthmother's Day

The Saturday before Mother's Day traditionally is Birthmother's Day.  A day to recognize that special woman, who looked beyond her own pain, and made a choice to make an adoption plan.  Often, it's because of this choice that many of us were able to celebrate our first Mother's Day, I know that was the case for me.

Today I think of Isaac's birthmother, I wonder how she's doing, if anyone is recognizing her today.  Hugging her, telling her they love, her, honoring the love that she had for a little boy she never held.  I hope so.  I know that our family is thinking of her, praying for her, loving her from afar. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pure Charity + Give1Save1

Sooo... in case you haven't figured it out yet, we've teamed up with Pure Charity to make fundraising more transparent, easier to share, and well... also cooler looking. Here's what sold me on it, and I'm hoping you're going to fall in love with it too. I mean, it's your dollars we're using here, so I want you to love it.

  • Money donated through Pure Charity is tax deductible. 
  • Money donated goes directly to the agency of the adopting family. 
  • The fundraising family gets to keep more of the funds. Paypal takes quite the little chunk. 
  • The WIDGET! Ok, this is the total geek in me here, but I LOVE the widget like a spaz. Each family gets a widget that can be embedded on this blog, (but here's my favorite part) and also YOUR blog. That's right! You get to play a bigger part in this by smacking that widget in your  post each week. Any time any donation is made it's updated and you get to watch this little bar go higher and higher. I think this is really going to equal more sharing and giving and that's what we're all about, right? 
  • You can also donate to your favorite adoption just like you would your favorite charity, by shopping. I'm sure you can guess how I feel about that. 
So, this next week we're going to test drive our first family with Pure Charity. I bet you might be able to figure out who they are if you head on over and create your account.... :)

And, by the way, you'll want to do that. Your going to need to make an account to give or receive funds, but it's easy peasy and looks super classy. Also, if you're hoping to apply to be a Give1 family, just look for our tab on there. You'll be able to send us an application straight from the site. It'll be our first week, so be patient and definitely let us know if there are any kinks, but the Pure Charity folks are pros and I think it's going to be smooth as silk. So what are you waiting for?! If you plan on supporting adoptions and are a regular Give1... um, giver (?) just head over the Pure Charity and make sure you have an account. If you plan on setting up your own fundraiser or applying to be a Give1 featured family, head this way. And that's it. You've got all weekend. I hope it's a good one. We'll meet you back here Monday morning to get this party started. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pure Charity

We would like to share with you a short note from our founder, Beth!

Hey guys, I've got some really exciting news to share with you about Pure Charity. Tomorrow we'll talk about how it's going to help you. And me too. But today let's start with the basics. What is Pure Charity?

OK, so how cool is that?! So today's assignment is to simply go and create an account. Install the plug-in if you do some online shopping. It's so easy, I could do it. And the phrase "install the plug-in" makes me almost nauseous. But it was easy. I've even done a bit of shopping on it and grew my giving fund. So just create your account and poke around the site a bit. Trust me, you'll want to do this! I'll tell you why tomorrow...

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Have you visited our featured family of the week's story?  Pastor Eric and Connie are raising funds to adopt a baby, hopefully very soon!  Bounce over to their post, watch their fun video, and donate a dollar!  

Though I think of Isaac's birth parents often, it always seems that they are on my mind more often around holidays, and this weekend is no different.  I always make sure that we've got a good picture of the event's of that day to send to them, with his shirt pressed, and a smile (or as close as I can get to one!) on his face.  I'm sure they appreciate those photos, but as I was reminded today, that is not every day life.  

In our life, some day's we play in pajamas all day.  Sometimes you'll catch him covered in chalk from drawing on the sidewalks outside.  My recent favorite picture of him, is him in his car seat, with a pointer finger up each side of his nose.  Not glamorous, sorta gross, but totally him.  

I was reminded that since these were my favorite pictures, because it show's the true personality of him, then likely, his birthparents treasure these pictures too.  Of course the perfectly planned, posed, executed pictures are nice, but they are staged.  They aren't our life, and if the purpose of sending pictures to them is to show him, and our life with him, then what better way then to show the candid pictures that I take day to day, most often with my phone.   I've made a deliberate effort  to make sure that I upload those pictures to my computer often, so I can print them and send them in the letters.   Because really, this picture can't help but make you smile!  Boys!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Feature Family of the Week: The Hullstrom Family

I'd like to introduce you to Pastor Eric and Connie.  They are currently in the process of a domestic infant adoption, and are waiting for the child that God had planned for them. 

As you will see in the video, Pastor Eric has a passion for the children in his church, and blogs at Adopted As An Heir.  Connie is a nurse, and spends her days helping pregnant woman and babies. 

First and foremost, they ask for prayers as they are going through this process.  They recently experienced a failed match, but through it have been strong and state that "God is indeed good".  Please pray for them as they continue to travel the path that has been laid out for them as they build their family.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for the Hullstrom family, share their story, and then click below and donate $1.00!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Featured Family of the Week: The Dowdy family

The Dowdy family is growing their family with another brother!

After being married for several years, and strugging with infertility, Keith and Anja adopted Ezekiel, who was 2 1/2.  The love having an open adoption with his birth parents, and are excited to be matched with a little boy due in May.

They have two blogs to share their amazing story, 
you can go check them out over there and see a ton more cute pictures of Ezekiel!

Like I said earlier, they are currently matched with a brother for Ezekiel, who is due in May, so they are doing a huge push right now as that's right around the corner.  

Click the button below to donate to the Dowdy family, every dollar helps!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Featured Family of the Week: The Schoenecke Family

We would like to introduce to you our new featured family of the week, Bryan and Samantha Schoenecke.  

I'll let Samantha tell you a little about their story:

In the fall of 2011 when we had been married for about a year and a half, we both felt like God was speaking to us that it was time to begin having a family.  The timing didn't make complete sense as I had been having some health problems, and we thought that a move might be in our near future, but we trusted God that His timing was/is perfect.  By the summer of 2012, we had had 3 miscarriages and really began to pray about where God would have us go from there.  We saw a specialist wondering if maybe we should do some medical testing, but God made it really evident that we were not to pursue any further testing, at least for right now.  About this same time, a friend of a friend asked us to adopt her beautiful newborn son.  We said, "Yes!" and were so excited to welcome him into our family!  Sadly, after we had loved this sweet boy as our son for 11 days, his mom changed her mind and decided to parent him.  We were heartbroken.  Our time with him did really stir our hearts for domestic adoption though, and after much prayer, we began the home study process officially.  In November 2012, we were matched with a birth mom who was expecting a baby girl.  We spent many long hours getting to know her over the phone and over Skype.  We even made two trips across the country to visit her in person.  After two months, she let us know that she too had changed her mind about her decision.  Now we are waiting to be matched again, and hopeful that our next match will be our precious firstborn baby!  

Even though it has not been an easy journey, God has been so faithful!  This process has really strengthened our marriage and united us as teammates.  We've also both grown so much in our relationships with the Lord and are learning to place our hope in Him rather than in the hope of growing our family.

As the Schoenecke's wait for their match, let's show them love, dollar by dollar.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fundraiser Idea: Adoption Parties

I know that as you begin the adoption process, finances is one of the main aspects of the conversation.  Every family raises the funds differently.  We have several friends currently in the process of adopting and I have loved the many different ideas that they have come up with.

I have been invited to several house parties (direct sells organizations), where the proceeds go to the families adoption fund.

If you know someone that sells Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Jamberry, Thirty-One, or any one of the other many different types of parties talk to them about fundraising, and see if they would be interested.  From what I've found, many times, they are willing to give up part or all of their commission from the party and donate it back to the families adoption fund.

A good thing to remember though- that is often a major source of income, so make sure you are conscience of it.  Often the closer the product representative is to your family (and familiar with your adoption plans) the more likely they are to jump at the opportunity so check with extended family and close friends!

As you are inviting people to the party, make sure they are aware that you are treating this as an adoption fundraiser.  I know I get invited to at least one a month, focusing on some sort of product or another... and I often decline.  However, when hearing that one was a fundraiser for a friends adoption, I went, and found items that I could buy for gifts, so I was able to support them, but also cross off some birthday/Christmas shopping.

Have any of you done something like this as you were fundraising for your adoption? How did it go?  Any tips that I can add to this post to help others have successful parties?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Birthmother Resource

Our submission today is by Monika, who blogs at Monika's Musings. Monika became a birthmom at 34 years old.  She currently lives near Tacoma, WA, with Nick, her partner and daughter’s birthdad.  They enjoy an open adoption with their daughter and her parents, who live near Portland, OR. Monika will be blogging on occasion at Give1 to help give a valuable birth parent perspective for our domestic page. Today she shares information about an great resource for birthmother's.  

I relinquished my daughter to an open adoption in January 2010. When I relinquished my daughter, I knew no one that was a birth mom, especially since my opinion was that I was unique in choosing to have an open adoption with my daughter and her adoptive parents. In July of that year, my case worker at the adoption agency I used told me about BirthMom Buds (www.birthmombuds.com). She said that it was a community where I could connect with other people that had placed their children with adoptive families. I joined, thinking I might talk with a couple of other birth moms occasionally and that would be it.

I quickly fell into frequently posting on the private forums and chatting with other birth moms in the hosted chats on Monday nights. I also started talking to Coley, one of the founders of BirthMom Buds. Though she and I live on opposite coasts, we started sending long emails back and forth both through Facebook and then through our personal email accounts.

Around January 2011, I started hearing about the annual retreat that BirthMom Buds hosts in Charlotte, North Carolina, the weekend before Mother’s Day weekend. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to go, not only to meet Coley in person, but to connect in person with some of the other birth moms that I’d been talking to online for so long. It was an amazing experience. Though no one that attended had exactly the same adoption experience as anyone else, we all connected through our shared loss. Just as people who have struggled with infertility or miscarriage reach out to others who have experienced similar things, the loss of adoption brings you together in a unique way.

I’ve now been to two BirthMom Buds retreats and am planning to attend my third one this May. Over the long weekend, we laugh. We cry. We forge friendships that last long past the weekend retreat and love each other through the hurt. We learn about the unique experiences of one another, and we learn how we share similar experiences and feelings as well. No matter how at peace we are with our own personal adoption story, we still feel loss. It’s fantastic to be able to really let go and experience our loss with the support of other people who know exactly how we feel. It’s great to talk about our adoption stories without using qualifiers or titles because we all know how each person in our unique stories relates to each other. We don’t get raised eyebrows when talking about our child’s mother or father. For those birth moms who haven’t told many people about the child they’ve placed and the feelings surrounding that placement, it’s a time to really open up and release some of the demons that chase them all year round.

I can’t imagine not attending the retreat. It’s expensive for me to pay for the flight and hotel costs (the retreat itself is free for birth moms), but I wouldn’t want to use the money I spend for anything else. It can be an emotionally exhausting weekend full of ups and downs. But being with people who know how I feel because they’ve been there too is an absolutely priceless experience.

As an aside, I’m coordinating a fundraiser to help fund the hotel costs for two birth moms who would not have been able to attend but for a generous donor who took care of their flight arrangements. If you’re interested in donating to the fundraiser, here’s the link - http://fndr.se/sgWW . Like I said in the blurb about my fundraiser, if I surpass my fundraising goal I will donate the rest to BirthMom Buds to either assist with retreat costs or to help another birth mom pay for transportation and/or lodging. Please pass the link along – you never know who might donate!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fine Line

Have you taken time to meet our Featured Family of the Week, the McMillian Family? They are in process and trying to raise the last remaining funds for their private domestic adoption. Please pop on over when you get a chance and donate $1 this week.

I’m blessed to have several close friends of mine that represent the three different sides of the adoption triad- birthmother, adoptive mother, and child.  I find that my conversations that I have with each of them have become more and more valuable as I travel my path as an adoptive mother.

A friend of mine is the adoptive mother of two little girls.  She has fairly open relationships with both of her girls’ birthmothers, and we often talk about how that impacts their lives compared to the completely closed relationship we have with our son’s birth family.  She has fairly regular contact with each birth mother, so is aware of lifestyle choices that are made.

As her oldest daughter is getting closer to an age where she would become more aware of what’s going on in her birth mothers life, my friend struggles with what information to pass on.  Of course, you want your child to have a positive view point of their birthfamily, but what if you make it too nice and cozy?  Are you then setting the situation up for a tween/teenager fight about wanting to go back to live with their birthparents, because they seem so great?  Remember, I WAS that adoptive teenager who wanted anything except my parents house rules, even though I knew nothing about my birthmother, surely she HAD to be better then my parents. 

It’s also difficult to filter out some of the not so great decisions that are made.  I know that both of us have access to pictures/information of our children’s birth parents making less the wise decisions.  In our case, there is drug use, unsafe decisions, and prescription drug abuse documented in an instagram account.  I don’t plan on saving those pictures for Isaac, but those are the choices that are being made at this time, which depending on consequences, might come out eventually.  I dug through both facebook accounts and instagram accounts trying to find pictures that I could save for when he was older to show him pictures of his birth family.  While doing this, I struggled to find ones that I was comfortable with my future toddler and school age child seeing.  There were very few that didn't have drugs or alcohol in them. 

We understand that these are their own lives, and their own decisions, but my friend and I both agree; these decisions influence the amount of contact and type of information we are willing to share as our children grown up.  In this age of technology and ‘connected-ness’, information is so readily available… but what if you aren’t comfortable with all that information?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Featured Family of the Week: The McMillian's

                I'm happy to introduce to you our first family of 2013, Brittany and Christian McMillan.  This amazing couple has been married for 8 years, and cannot wait to grow their family through a private domestic adoption.  They struggled with both male and female factor infertility, but through all the struggles, their desire to parents only burned stronger.  Brittany and Christian were in the process of starting the foster care process when they were lead to this adoption through a relative.   They are currently matched with an expectant mother due in February.  This was a very quick match for them, so they didn't have much time to prepare.  As they wait the final month before delivery, they are working on raising money to pay off the final lawyer bills.  Let's kick off this new year with a bang and show Brittany and Christian how awesome this group of supporters are!

For the next two weeks we will be featuring The McMillian's and we ask that our Give1 community donate $1 (or more) towards their adoption costs. You can donate to the McMillian Adoption Fund by clicking the donate button below. Thanks so much!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Support For Birthmoms

Our guest blogger today is my wonderful friend Ashley. Ashley and her husband Dusty began their adoption journey by adopting embryos through the NEDC. God chose for those precious little ones to all leave this earth so soon and Ashley and Dusty having such a strong faith that the Lord will bring them children to hold in His timing alone, waited patiently for His answer to see how he would enlarge their family. His answer came sooner than later. A birthmother through their adoption agency chose them to be the forever parents of the baby she was carrying in her womb. 

Today Ashley & Dusty's spunky, creative, and gorgeous little girl with curly locks of blond hair is the joy of their lives. They have a beautiful relationship with Kaylee's birthmom full of respect and love. Ashley posts regularly on her blog and has wonderful sources for those who struggle with infertility, those looking to adopt through Embryo Adoption, and those who want to adopt a child domestically through a birth mother. I encourage you to go visit Ashley and get to "know" her and her family. You will leave inspired and encouraged! Thank you Ashley for sharing today with the Give1 Save1 Domestic readers. 

<3 Shannon

Support For Birthmoms

"In my free time, which is very limited these days, I enjoy finding and reading other adoption blogs, especially those that are involved in or are interested in pursuing open adoptions.  The Open Adoption Bloggers website is a great place to connect with other adoptive parents and even birth parents who are involved in open adoptions.*

Through my searching and blog hopping I have become aware of a couple of online resources that are available to birthmoms and I thought I would list them here in case they might be helpful to anyone reading this.  I think it's important that birthmoms are able to connect with others who understand what they're going through and can support and encourage them when they need it.

One of those resources is a website called BirthMom Buds.  It was started by a birthmom named Coley, who was recently interviewed by another blogger.  You can read that interview HERE.  She had this to say about her organization:

BirthMom Buds (www.birthmombuds.com) is a large web based support organization that provides birthmothers as well as pregnant women considering adoption support through a “been there, done that” perspective. We have many different programs and resources including yearly retreats, a quarterly newsletter, a private forums, weekly chats, our buddy system, a mentoring program for expectant mothers considering adoption, and more!
Another online community for birthmoms is called Blessings in a Basket.  They look to be similar to BirthMom Buds in that they were started by birthmoms and have support groups, retreats, and even chats via skype.  They also have a blog called Big Tough Girls.

I really enjoy reading blogs that are written by birthmothers because it gives me as an adoptive mom insight into the "other side".  While we are blessed to have an open adoption relationship with Kaylee's birthmom, I know there are probably some things that she may not feel comfortable with telling us.  I'm thankful for the honest posts that these women write even if it's not always easy to read.

*Please be aware that not all birth parents have had positive adoption experiences.  I've run across some blogs and websites that are extremely anti-adoption and hostile to adoptive parents.  There are a few of these that are included in the Open Adoption Bloggers list.  It's very sad to read through their posts and know that they label all adoptive parents as "baby stealers" and other such nonsense.

If you know of any other resources for birthmoms please feel free to leave a link in the comments."

Our Family Blog: Expecting Miracles

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Robison Family Video Finale

You guys blessed us so very much. What a testimony to our own children to see God's family reach out to our family and lovingly give, encourage us through prayers and emails, and to share our video to help tell others about Embryo Adoption. We'd love to have you follow us through the rest of our adoption process on our family blog at www.RoomForMoreKiddos.com. Now, the final update video from the Robison kiddos...

                                  The Robison Finale from R&S Robison on Vimeo.

hugs, Shannon