Friday, September 6, 2013

Exciting news around here!!

Hey all! I have some exciting news to tell you! We have some big things happening at Give1Save1! Give1Save1 is merging! Way back the beginning, Give1Save1 started out as one big blog. As Give1Save1 grew, it branched out and became Give1AfricaGive1AsiaGive1EuropeGive1Caribbean, and Give1Europe. That is a lot of blogs to run by a lot of volunteers! And a lot of families! The exciting news is we are going back to one big blog!

Here is why this is fantastic: 
  • More Financial Support for Families - All the readers from all the blogs will be united, which will hopefully increase the amount of support we are able to give each week to our featured families!
  • Better Pre-Adoption Research for Families - It will help families who are just in the beginning of their adoption journey to research adoption. They can go to one blog and read about all different countries, get connected with lots of families, and hopefully, get lots of questions answered!
  • Better Quality Service for Our Readers & Simplified Work Load for Our Volunteers - Having 1 blog will be less work for our team of volunteers. We had a lot of volunteers burn out after a year or so of working with Give1Save1. We hope that by joining forces, we can lighten all of our volunteers work load, while offering a better service to the adoption community!
What you need to know: 
  • Although Give1Save1 is making some changes, we are keeping the same purpose. At our heart, we are the same Give1Save1! We will continue to support adoptive families and help them raise funds to bring their child home! By uniting to one blog, we hope to do it even better!
  • We are also combining our Facebook pages. We will be using what is currently the Africa page as our official page since it has the most likes. I suggest you go ahead and like it so you can keep up to date!
  • Give1 Save1 had a gazillion emails! Now we have 1! Our new email is giveonesaveone (at) gmail (dot) com

Q & A:

When will these changes take place and the new blog be started?

No changes for a few more weeks! I wanted to tell you ahead of time. The plans to merge have been in the works for over a month now! We are keeping all the blogs going until we are ready to roll out the new blog! Our volunteer designer is working hard to get the new blog ready! I don't have a specific date, but we hope the new blog will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

How will families be chosen to be featured?

We will choose featured families the way we always have. Families must be truly adopting to qualify to be featured (we verify this with their agency.) That being said a lot of families qualify, and not all families may be chosen. Since the beginning, we have always given priority to families who are traveling soonest. We will continue to do that. We will also try to rotate through different parts of the world. Every month, we will try to feature a family adopting from Africa, Asia, Europe, Domestic, and Caribbean.

Have more questions? Feel free to comment with them and I will try my best to answer them!

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