Friday, May 17, 2013

The Rust's- Check them out, AGAIN!

Have you checked out our feature family, the Rust's video?

Feature Family of the week: The Rust's

They are awesome people, and I know a lot of you have seen and shared their video!

We had an issue with their link to paypal (my fault sorry!) so if you wanted to donate to this awesome family, but couldn't TRY AGAIN!  Everything is fixed now!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Featured Family: The Rust's!

I'd like to introduce you to Eric and Nicole Rust as our featured family this week.  They are wanting to adopt a newborn or sibling group.  They have raised two amazing children Courtney and Mitchell, but feel like they still have so much more love to give.  They have a great story of how they were each convicted about growing their family through adoption, while they were 4,000 miles apart.

Seriously, check out this video, it will make you smile and make your heart happy! 

You can check out their blog here,

The Rust's are still waiting for their match, so please share their information!

Donate to this amazing family here!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthmother's Day

The Saturday before Mother's Day traditionally is Birthmother's Day.  A day to recognize that special woman, who looked beyond her own pain, and made a choice to make an adoption plan.  Often, it's because of this choice that many of us were able to celebrate our first Mother's Day, I know that was the case for me.

Today I think of Isaac's birthmother, I wonder how she's doing, if anyone is recognizing her today.  Hugging her, telling her they love, her, honoring the love that she had for a little boy she never held.  I hope so.  I know that our family is thinking of her, praying for her, loving her from afar. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pure Charity + Give1Save1

Sooo... in case you haven't figured it out yet, we've teamed up with Pure Charity to make fundraising more transparent, easier to share, and well... also cooler looking. Here's what sold me on it, and I'm hoping you're going to fall in love with it too. I mean, it's your dollars we're using here, so I want you to love it.

  • Money donated through Pure Charity is tax deductible. 
  • Money donated goes directly to the agency of the adopting family. 
  • The fundraising family gets to keep more of the funds. Paypal takes quite the little chunk. 
  • The WIDGET! Ok, this is the total geek in me here, but I LOVE the widget like a spaz. Each family gets a widget that can be embedded on this blog, (but here's my favorite part) and also YOUR blog. That's right! You get to play a bigger part in this by smacking that widget in your  post each week. Any time any donation is made it's updated and you get to watch this little bar go higher and higher. I think this is really going to equal more sharing and giving and that's what we're all about, right? 
  • You can also donate to your favorite adoption just like you would your favorite charity, by shopping. I'm sure you can guess how I feel about that. 
So, this next week we're going to test drive our first family with Pure Charity. I bet you might be able to figure out who they are if you head on over and create your account.... :)

And, by the way, you'll want to do that. Your going to need to make an account to give or receive funds, but it's easy peasy and looks super classy. Also, if you're hoping to apply to be a Give1 family, just look for our tab on there. You'll be able to send us an application straight from the site. It'll be our first week, so be patient and definitely let us know if there are any kinks, but the Pure Charity folks are pros and I think it's going to be smooth as silk. So what are you waiting for?! If you plan on supporting adoptions and are a regular Give1... um, giver (?) just head over the Pure Charity and make sure you have an account. If you plan on setting up your own fundraiser or applying to be a Give1 featured family, head this way. And that's it. You've got all weekend. I hope it's a good one. We'll meet you back here Monday morning to get this party started.