Sunday, July 22, 2012

1st Week and 1st Family!

On Give1Save1, the premise is that we highlight one family per week on the domestic adoption page in the hopes that you might be able to scratch up $1 to donate towards their adoption fees. Adoption is expensive and the fees can seem insurmountable to many adoptive parents. We'd like to show some love here at Give1Save1 towards adoptive families by helping collect donations in their names in the hopes of making a dent in their worries. Each week as well, there will be a family on the Asia page, Europe page, Africa page, and the Caribbean page for you to donate $1 to.

We'd like to kick things off and running this Monday with our very first domestic family of the week, the Saubers Family!!!!

The Saubers Family were drawn to domestic adoption when they decided to add a 5th child to their family. They were matched with an expectant mother who was pregnant with a child identified in-utero with Down's Syndrome. The Saubers' were overjoyed to welcome this baby into their family and began preparations to adopt him.

As they were wrapping up their last weeks as a family of six, they received a call that the expectant mother had to have an emergency c-section. Little baby Saubers ended up coming 6 WEEKS EARLY and weighing in at a teeny 3 lbs. This means that the Saubers' are quickly doing their last fundraising needed to complete their adoption and pay off the remaining fees.

To make a donation to the Saubers Family, please click here. You can click here to go to their family blog to learn a little more about them.

Update: Current running total is $961.68 raised

Please share their story with others and donate $1 to their family fund this week! We would love for the Saubers Family to not have to worry about adoption finances this week as they go and love on their little tiny boy.

Ready? Set? Go!