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Support For Birthmoms

Our guest blogger today is my wonderful friend Ashley. Ashley and her husband Dusty began their adoption journey by adopting embryos through the NEDC. God chose for those precious little ones to all leave this earth so soon and Ashley and Dusty having such a strong faith that the Lord will bring them children to hold in His timing alone, waited patiently for His answer to see how he would enlarge their family. His answer came sooner than later. A birthmother through their adoption agency chose them to be the forever parents of the baby she was carrying in her womb. 

Today Ashley & Dusty's spunky, creative, and gorgeous little girl with curly locks of blond hair is the joy of their lives. They have a beautiful relationship with Kaylee's birthmom full of respect and love. Ashley posts regularly on her blog and has wonderful sources for those who struggle with infertility, those looking to adopt through Embryo Adoption, and those who want to adopt a child domestically through a birth mother. I encourage you to go visit Ashley and get to "know" her and her family. You will leave inspired and encouraged! Thank you Ashley for sharing today with the Give1 Save1 Domestic readers. 

<3 Shannon

Support For Birthmoms

"In my free time, which is very limited these days, I enjoy finding and reading other adoption blogs, especially those that are involved in or are interested in pursuing open adoptions.  The Open Adoption Bloggers website is a great place to connect with other adoptive parents and even birth parents who are involved in open adoptions.*

Through my searching and blog hopping I have become aware of a couple of online resources that are available to birthmoms and I thought I would list them here in case they might be helpful to anyone reading this.  I think it's important that birthmoms are able to connect with others who understand what they're going through and can support and encourage them when they need it.

One of those resources is a website called BirthMom Buds.  It was started by a birthmom named Coley, who was recently interviewed by another blogger.  You can read that interview HERE.  She had this to say about her organization:

BirthMom Buds ( is a large web based support organization that provides birthmothers as well as pregnant women considering adoption support through a “been there, done that” perspective. We have many different programs and resources including yearly retreats, a quarterly newsletter, a private forums, weekly chats, our buddy system, a mentoring program for expectant mothers considering adoption, and more!
Another online community for birthmoms is called Blessings in a Basket.  They look to be similar to BirthMom Buds in that they were started by birthmoms and have support groups, retreats, and even chats via skype.  They also have a blog called Big Tough Girls.

I really enjoy reading blogs that are written by birthmothers because it gives me as an adoptive mom insight into the "other side".  While we are blessed to have an open adoption relationship with Kaylee's birthmom, I know there are probably some things that she may not feel comfortable with telling us.  I'm thankful for the honest posts that these women write even if it's not always easy to read.

*Please be aware that not all birth parents have had positive adoption experiences.  I've run across some blogs and websites that are extremely anti-adoption and hostile to adoptive parents.  There are a few of these that are included in the Open Adoption Bloggers list.  It's very sad to read through their posts and know that they label all adoptive parents as "baby stealers" and other such nonsense.

If you know of any other resources for birthmoms please feel free to leave a link in the comments."

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  1. In a semi related topic, have you seen this floating around pintrest?

    It made me that much more grateful that our birthparents allowed us to document meeting our son.