Saturday, March 30, 2013


Have you visited our featured family of the week's story?  Pastor Eric and Connie are raising funds to adopt a baby, hopefully very soon!  Bounce over to their post, watch their fun video, and donate a dollar!  

Though I think of Isaac's birth parents often, it always seems that they are on my mind more often around holidays, and this weekend is no different.  I always make sure that we've got a good picture of the event's of that day to send to them, with his shirt pressed, and a smile (or as close as I can get to one!) on his face.  I'm sure they appreciate those photos, but as I was reminded today, that is not every day life.  

In our life, some day's we play in pajamas all day.  Sometimes you'll catch him covered in chalk from drawing on the sidewalks outside.  My recent favorite picture of him, is him in his car seat, with a pointer finger up each side of his nose.  Not glamorous, sorta gross, but totally him.  

I was reminded that since these were my favorite pictures, because it show's the true personality of him, then likely, his birthparents treasure these pictures too.  Of course the perfectly planned, posed, executed pictures are nice, but they are staged.  They aren't our life, and if the purpose of sending pictures to them is to show him, and our life with him, then what better way then to show the candid pictures that I take day to day, most often with my phone.   I've made a deliberate effort  to make sure that I upload those pictures to my computer often, so I can print them and send them in the letters.   Because really, this picture can't help but make you smile!  Boys!

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